Khan Academy - excellent site for science and math
Bill Nye the Science Guy -- Great site if you are thinking of doing a science project
Dr. Bob's Interesting Science Stuff -- Very educational and lots of fun for young kids
Discovery Channel Science Search -- Terrific way to search for science information
Science Fair Projects -- If you are looking for a science project, you've GOT to check this site out
Super Science Site -- Many nice science experiments and ideas for science projects
Amateur Science -- Terrific links and a great way to get ideas for a science project
The Heart Preview Gallery -- Excellent information on the heart and circulatory system
Introduction to Muscle Physiology and Design -- More for high school or college students
Human Anatomy On-Line -- A great anatomy off the press
Neuroscience for Kids -- A wonderful site to learn about the brain
Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab -- Lot of nice science exeriments here...give it a shot
Introduction to Evolutionary Biology -- Great information on the theory of evolution
The Electronic Zoo -- Find something on ANY kind of animal
The Cobra Information Page -- Terrific page about Cobra snakes...very well done
Insectworld -- A ton of information on insects
University of Florida's Book of Insect Records -- Interesting insect site
Gordon's Entomological Homepage -- A nice page to find good information on insects
Learning About Insects on the Playground
Images of Insects -- Do you need pictures of insects for a science project or paper?
"Bugs in the News" -- A great site to get information about bacteria, antibodies, DNA, etc.
Alphabetical List of Diseases and Disorders -- Find information on any disease in this site
MedicineNet -- GRRRREAT site for finding medical and pharmacy terms plus explanation of diseases
Medscape -- Lots and lots of great information on diseases...great medical site
Biology Hypertext -- Good information on cells, photosynthesis, molecules and a lot more
Course Tutorial on Cell Biology -- A very nice site…worth the visit.
Cells Alive --Great animation and information on cells...a must for the biology student
Biology Articles -- A large collection of very interesting and recent developments in biology/medicine
Aquatic Plant Glossary -- Nice site from the University of Florida
Glossary of Botanical Terms
Henriette's Herbal -- If you are into Herbs, this is the place to be
Genetics -- Good information on genes, chromosomes, DNA and other goodies
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science I
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science II
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science III
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Earth Science I
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Earth Science II
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Life Science I
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Life Science II
Physical Science Homework Helper -- Great site
Physical Science 2-8 Grade
My Reference Desk - Science -- Dozens of science sites to visit
Physics Laws --physics, it looks pretty neat
Physics Tutorials -- Very nice physics site
The Science Snackbook -- Check this one out
Spacelink Library Search -- An exciting way to search for information on Astronomy
Views of the Solar System -- Lots of great information on our solar system
Constellations and Their Stars -- Wonderful astronomy site
Space and Astronomy
The Nine Eight Planets
Eric's Treasure Trove of Physics -- nice site
Eric's Treasure Trove of Astronomy
Eric's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography -- Want information on any scientist?
Eric's Treasure Trove of Chemistry
Basic Introduction to Nuclear Physics
General Chemistry Glossary -- Need a definition for any chemistry term?
Analytical Chemistry Basics
Chemistry Tutor Page -- chemistry
Chemistry for Kids -- chemistry ...must see!
General Organic and Biochemistry -- A gold mine of information
BioChemNet -- Great biochemistry site
Organic Chemistry
CHEMystery -- A chemistry site
Chem4Kids -- A very nice chemistry site for young children
Periodic Table -- Nice place to find information on all of the elements
Mineralogy --(from Athena Science) List any mineral and chemical formula
The Mineral Gallery -- Search for any mineral...wonderful!
Reference Guide for Minerals
Reference Guide for Vitamins
Reference Guide for Amino Acids
Amino Acids -- good stuff on amino acids
Animal Search Engine
Science and the Environment -- Great site for finding good information on the earth's environment
Volcano World -- Exciting site to visit
Dinosaur Fact Sheet -- Site about dinosaurs
All About Dinosaurs -- A fascinating and informative site on dinosaurs...great for young children
Dinosaur Illustrations -- Dinosaurs from A to Z.
All About Fossils and Carbon Dating - Dinosaur Teeth and more for kids
Web Geological Time Machine -- Wonderful geology's fun to travel in time
Intellicast -- Our favorite weather site...wonderful images
The Cloud Boutique -- Very nice explanation and pictures of clouds
Ocean Planet -- A terrific oceanography site by the Smithsonian...must see
Tide Interactive -- An excellent source for tide data.
Live Marine Specimens -- Very nice Oceanography site.
Food and Nutriction
STREAM - Elementary science


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