The History Net -- A wonderful site to find good information on World/American history
Twentieth Century History -- listing of 20th Century History
Hyper History Online -- A terrific site with history timelines...they keep expanding this site
Exploring Ancient World Culture -- This is the kind of site you can get lost in...give it a try
Byzantine and Medieval Studies -- An unbelievable collection of sites...a must see!!
Labyrinth -- A tremendous site for Medieval studies...from the University of Georgetown...Great!!
Perseus Project -- An unbelievable site about Roman and Greek history... fun to roam this one.
Ancient Greek (Hellenic) Sites on the WWW -- Every Greek site you can think of...Fantastic!!
American History Links -- Wonderful site with links to many American History sites
Abridged History of the United States -- Great site that clearly presents U.S. History...very interesting
The Constitution of the United States of America
A Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents -- Fabulous...the University of Oklahoma Law Center
Presidents of the United States -- Nice site that gives all kinds of good presidential information
Presidential Inaugural Addresses -- Includes addresses from every U.S. President since Washington
The American Presidency Project -- Great presidency place to visit
Liberty Online -- Government philosophy, politics, historical documents, and more...very nice site.
American Political History -- WOW!! -- great information here (Rutgers University)
The Age of Imperialism -- Very nice site on U.S. foreign policy during the 18th & 19th Century
Famous Rulers...Present and Past -- Lists heads of State from many different countries...nice site.
Internet Sites for Historians -- An incredible collection of history links...must see!
Index Resource for Historians -- Many links to great sites
Political Theorists -- A great site to view classical, modern and contemporary theorists
My Virtual Reference Desk - History -- History sites by the dozens
Trenches on the Web - WWI History -- Great World War I information and links to other WWI sites
World History Archives
-- A great site to do American and World History papers
Historic Events and Birthdates -- Just enter the date and historic events/birthdates appear
From Revolution to Reconstruction -- A fantastic U.S. History site
American Revolutionary War Timeline -- Excellent information on the American Revolution
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust -- This is a tremendous site with very valuable information
African America History Links -- Need good information on African American history?...try this one
The American Civil War Home Page -- Excellent information on the War Between the States
1492 Exhibit -- History dating back to Columbus
Plymouth History -- History around the time of the Pilgrims
Native American Culture and Folklore -- Very impressive site with very good information
Native American Navigator -- Great site to find links for information on Native Americans
History of Europe -- Packed full of history information
The French and Indian War
Flags of Countries -- This site has pictures of almost every national flag
Inventors and Inventions -- Inventors and their accomplishments...nice sit

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